Public Speaker

Lisa is available to speak at your Festival, Garden club, or school. Previous
topics have included: Basic Herbal Medicine, Herbs for Allergies, Herbs for
Arthritis and Bone Health, Growing Herbs, Eat your weeds!, Herbs for Health and
Nutrition, Growing Edibles for Landscaping, and many more.  Prices vary,
depending on length of  class and travel. Please call or email for rates and
availability. Speaking credits include:  International Herb Association, Memphis
Herb Society, Tennessee Tech University, Western Ky University, Garden shows
throughout TN, Master Gardener groups and many others.

See below for current list of 2020 speaking engagements and
credentials and certifications for Lisa Bedner RN, RH, AHG


Certified as a Native American Herbal Medicine Practitioner by the American Herbalists Guild, currently the
only peer-review organization in the United States for professional herbalists.

Medicine Woman of the Turtle Clan of the Tihanama Nation

Graduate of the Therapeutic Herbalism course in European herbal medicine presented by
David L. Hoffmann, B.Sc. (Hons.), M.N.I.M.H.; 1995

Holds an Associates Degree in Nursing from Montgomery College of Takoma Park, Maryland

Medicine speaker for the Teehahnahmah and Western Cherokee Nations

Guest lecturer at Tennessee Technical University and Western Kentucky University

Invited reviewer of herbal texts for Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Inc.

Author of "The Simple Book Of Herbs" published in 1995, Revised edition 2014, ISBN: 978-0-9909884-1-0  and
   "Herbal Adventures with Native Americans"  published 2019, ISBN: 978-0-9909884-2-7  

Practiced clinical nursing for 30 years in Emergency, Critical Care, and Family Practice Medicine

Apprenticed 5 years with an Eastern Cherokee Medicine Man
Apprenticed 1 year with a Shoshone Medicine Woman
Apprenticed 1 year with a Tihanama Medicine Man

Educational Director of the annual Folk Medicine Festival of Boiling Springs, TN; 1992-1998

Featured on PBS on the show Volunteer Gardener.  Please check out this U-tube video of the broadcast:

Midsouth Womens Herbal Conference
Lookout Mountain, AL
April 17-19

Nature Festival
Bedford, IN
May 20-25

Herbal Retreat and Workshop
The Farm, Summertown TN.
Featured on PBS on the show Volunteer Gardener.  Please check out this
U-tube video of the broadcast: