The greenhouse and gardens are open April through August,  Wednesday though
Saturday. All hours are by appointment only. Please call ahead: (931) 653-4402. Other
days and hours also may be arranged by appointment. We are closed the week before
Memorial Day, to attend a Southern Indiana herb festival.

We will give FREE 30 minute tours of the herb and flower gardens during business hours.
Groups of six to fourteen people may arrange a longer tour of about two hours. The longer
tour includes iced herb teas, a short talk about growing and using herbs,
and is priced at $10 per person.
This is a partial list of our most popular varieties. We also sell many culinary herbs,
some annual herbs and wildflowers.
All plants are organically grown and non-GMO.   We specialize in
Medicinal herbs, Native plants, and Heirloom varieties. Most of the
species we grow are native to, or naturalized to areas east of the
Mississippi river. We do not ship plants.
AGRIMONY                                        Agrimonium eupatorium
ALLHEAL                                            Prunella vulgaris
ALOE VERA                                        Aloe vera
ALUM, wild                                        Heuchera americana
ANGELICA                                         Angelica archangelica
ASHWAGANDHA                                Withania somnifera                       limited quantity
BERGAMOT                                       Monarda fistulosa
BETONY                                               Stachys officinalis
BLACK COHOSH                              Cimicifuga racemosa                        limited quantity
BLACK SNAKEROOT                        Sanicula marilandica
BLUE BALSAM  MINBT                      Mentha piperata var.
BLUE COHOSH                                Caulophyllum thalictroides                limited quantity
BONESET                                            Eupatorium perfoliatum
BUGLEWEED                                     Lycopus virginicus
BURDOCK                                           Arctium lappa
BUTTERFLY WEED                        Asclepias tuberosa
CALENDULA                                        Calendula officinalis
CATNIP                                                Nepeta cataria
CHAMOMILE                                      Matricaria recutita
CHASTE TREE                                Vitex agnus castus                                limited quantity
CHEROKEE SWEAT MINT              Pycanthemum incanum
CLARY SAGE                                     Salvia sclera
COLTSFOOT                                      Tussilago farfara
COMFREY                                         Symphytum officiniale
COSTMARY                                        Chysanthemum balsamita
COWSLIP                                           Primula veris                                           limited quantity
ECHINACEA                                        Echinacea purpurea
ELECAMPANE                                    Inula helenium                                
EUCALYPTUS TREE                        Eucalyptus globulus
EVENING PRIMROSE                       Oentherea biennis         
FENNEL                                              Foeniculum  vulgare
FEVERFEW                                       Tanacetum parthenium
GINSENG                                            Panax quinquefolim                                limited quantity
GOLDENSEAL                                    Hydrastis canadensis                            limited quantity
GOTU COLA                                        Hydrocotyl asiatica
GOUTWEED                                        Aegopodium podagraria
HOPS                                                   Humulus lupus
HOUSELEEK                                      Sedum purpureum
INDIGO (false)                                   Baptisia australis
HOREHOUND                                   Marrubium vulgare
JOE PYE WEED                                Eupatorium purpureum
LADY'S BEDSTRAW                        Galium verum
LAVENDER                                        Lavendula veris
LEMON BALM                                    Melissa officinalis
LOBELIA INFLATA                            Lobelia inflata
MARSHMALLOW                               Althea officinalis
MEADOWSWEET                              Filipendula ulmaria
MINTS                                                Various mentha species
MOUNTAIN MINTS                            Various pycanthemum species   
MOTHERWORT                                Leonurus cardiaca
MUGWORT                                        Artemesia vulgaris
MULLEIN                                           Verbascum thapsus
NETTLE, stinging                              Urtica dioica
OREGANO                                        Various species
PASSIONFLOWER                         Passiflora incarnata                               
PATCHOULI                                       Pogostemon cablin
PENNYROYAL                                 Mentha pulegeum
PYRETHRUM                                   Chrysanthemum cinerifolim
RHUBARB (Wild)                             Rheum palmatum tanguticum
ROSEMARY                                      Rosmarinus officinalis
RUE                                                   Ruta graveolens
SAGE                                                Salvia officinalis
SAGE (white)                                    Salvia apiana                                              limited quantities
SAINT JOHN'S WORT                   Hypericum perforatum
SCULLCAP                                         Scutellaria laterifolia
SENNA                                                Cassia marilandica
SHEEP SORREL                                 Rumex acetosella
SOLOMON SEAL                                Polygonatum biflorum                                limited quantity
SWEET ANNIE                                Artemesia annua
SWEET GRASS                                Hierochloe odorata
SWEET WOODRUFF                        Galium odoratum
TANSY                                                Tanacetum vulgare
TEASEL                                                Dipsacus sylvestris
THYME                                                Thymus  various species
VALERIAN                                           Valeriana officinalis
VINCA                                                Vinca minor
WILD GINGER                                 Asarum canadense
WILD YAM                                        Dioscorea    villosa
WORMWOOD                                Artemesia absynthium
WORM SEED                                 Chenopodium ambrosoides
YARROW                                        Achillea millefolium  
(931) 653-4402
450 Davidson Chapel Lane
Bloomington Springs, TN 38545

If you prefer to use a GPS device, rather than
following the listed directions, please
choose biggest highways and not the
shortest  route. Some of the back country
roads are very curved and not well


Head East on I-40 to exit 280. Go north on highway 56 towards Gainesboro 6.3
miles  to 290 West. Turn left on 290 West and go 7 miles to yellow sign for LISA'S
GREENHOUSE PIPSISSEWA HERBS. This is Davidson Chapel Lane. Turn left  
and go 1/2 mile and bear to right at the fork, by yellow sign. The road dead ends
at the greenhouses.

Head West on I-40 to exit 280. Follow directions above.

Head North on highway 27 to highway 111 to Cookeville.   From Cookeville take  I-
40 West and follow directions above.

Take 290 West in Cookeville by TTU. Head west.  When 290 West dead ends at
56, turn left and go one mile. Pick up 290 West again on the right.  Follow
directions above.